Stats last updated April 15, 2024




Circulating market cap (after total burns)


Burned from 50 days ago

37.04 trillion

Circulating supply left

catwifhat on solana

Utilizing a burn fee with Solana Token Extensions, 4% of $CWIF are automatically burned from every on-chain transaction.

How to verify $CWIF's burns

Want to verify $CWIF's Token Extension burns? This YouTube video shows how $CWIF's burns are verified as removed from circulation forever. If you'd like to calculate the circulating supply for yourself, you can use this script which simply returns the result of supply remaining. The results of this script can be seen in this API Endpoint of $CWIF's Remaining Supply, updated about every 15 minutes.


More context: Solana Token Extensions do not have a single burn wallet. This is a concept officially introduced by Solana in January 2024, and instead every wallet has an extra “Token Account” with the burned coins. Because of this, to get the circulating supply, a script or API is needed to add all holdings together. In $CWIF's case, a query and endpoint with the results.


Solana is also looking into adding the correct Fixed Supply natively into Solana Explorer. If added on Solana Explorer, the data should then reflect across other sites such as SolanaFM, Solscan, Birdeye, DexScreener, DexTools, and other sources which wrongly show $CWIF as having a ~$300M market cap. Check up on the GitHub issue submitted to Solana here.