$CWIF's Liquidity Pool Burns & Providing New Liquidity

All 3 of the primary $CWIF liquidity pools are burned. Check the links to verify the burns, and read on if you'd like to earn from swap fees for providing $CWIF liquidity on Raydium or FluxBeam.

FluxBeam's $SOL + $CWIF Pool

Raydium's $SOL + $CWIF Pool

FluxBeam's $CWIF + $CWIFv0 Pool

Want to provide additional liquidity for $CWIF? You can provide $CWIF to $SOL liquidity with Raydium Concentrated Pools and with FluxBeam to earn yield from swaps. There is no lockup period (however don't burn the LP, or you will lose all deposits). 


Search for the contract address to start: 7atgF8KQo4wJrD5ATGX7t1V2zVvykPJbFfNeVf1icFv1


- Here's a guide for providing Raydium Concentrated Pool liquidity: https://docs.raydium.io/raydium/liquidity-providers/providing-concentrated-liquidity-clmm

- When providing liquidity on FluxBeam, make sure to adjust the slippage setting to 4% or higher because of the burned $CWIF upon deposit to the liquidity pool and withdrawal from the liquidity pool


If adding liquidity for any token, make sure that you're fully aware of the impermanent loss and other risks associated with providing liquidity.